About Us

Our Why

Bee Friendly is a pesticide-free company whose mission is to protect our families, our environment, and our friendly, essential pollinators. We do this by eliminating synthetic pesticides being used in and near your personal property and in and around water supplies.

The pest control industry famously labels many products safe, when they are still, in fact, toxic in one way or another. There is a better way, the Bee Friendly Way!

Who We Are

As a beekeeper, veteran and the founder of Bee Friendly, I knew I had a choice to make after returning from a month-long family camping trip. After all that time away camping, my daughter came home and got dozens of mosquito bites… from our own backyard! Our family had experienced the freedom of the great outdoors all over the country, and we weren’t about to let mosquitos and pests, or the chemicals used to rid them, keep us from enjoying our outdoor space all season long.

We chose a better way, what we now call, the Bee Friendly way, protecting your family, your loved ones and pets from disease-carrying pests WITHOUT the use of harmful synthetic pesticides.

Who We Are

Our Core Values

Synthetic Pesticide-Free – Reducing synthetic pesticide use in our communities and protecting the environment for future generations by providing an all-natural alternative, safe for children, pets, edible gardens, pools, ponds, and pollinators.

Innovation – Bee Friendly uses innovative engagement methods to raise awareness with our customers in IPM methods and all-natural pest control techniques to reduce the use of common synthetic pesticides deemed highly toxic to bees, unsafe for aquatics, and edible food.

Community Education and Engagement – Coupled with environmental stewardship, conservation, and policy.

Green – Industry-leading commitment and investment in going green by reducing waste and reducing the use of synthetic pesticides. 

Serving Those That Serve Us – Discounted pricing for:

  • Teachers
  • Nurses/EMS
  • Military/Veterans
  • Police/Fire