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Harness the power of Food-Grade Essential Oils to kill mosquitos and other pests without harming 
bees or your family with Bee Friendly Pest Control™!

We Eradicate
All of These


We Eradicate
All of These






Stinging Insects


But Not Bees!

Really our treatments are Bee Safe!

Download our Independent Lab studies 

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Our treatments really don’t kill bees!

Download the results of the scientific studies of both residual effects and direct spray against honey bees.

Residual Report
Direct Report

Bee Friendly
Pest Control®

The Exclusive provider of Food-Grade, Organic Garden-Safe, pest control that Your Family, Garden, and Planet Will Love.

Dealing with mosquitos, ticks and other dangerous pests is an unavoidable part of spending time with your family outdoors. Getting rid of them has long had its own set of worrisome issues – mainly, how will these chemicals affect my children, my pets and even my garden?

Bee Friendly puts your family’s health and our planet’s health FIRST by harnessing the power of food grade essential oils to effectively treat your yard and home without synthetic pesticide ingredients.

  • SAFE for you, your children and your pets, right after treatment!
  • SAFE to use around pools or ponds!
  • SAFE for organic gardens, backyard chickens and of course Bees!
Bee Friendly Pest Control
1 percent for planet
A portion of every service goes to protecting honey bees
#kill mosquitos not bees

 Food Grade, All Natural, Essential Oils

Our proprietary blend of Food Grade Essential Oils is Exclusive to Bee Friendly Pest Control. Harnessing the power of Mother Nature: THYME, GARLIC, ROSEMARY, PEPPERMINT, CINNAMON, and CLOVE are combined and broken down to NANO-SIZE particles to ensure maximum coverage and protection. Bee Friendly’s unique “one of a kind” formula is safe for your children, pets, fruit and vegetable gardens, and of course, BEES!

Why Bee Friendly?

OUR MISSION is to create a healthier and more sustainable world, one backyard at a time. Each year, over 1 billion pounds of harsh synthetic pesticides are used in the US, putting the well-being of our families, pets, and the environment at risk.

OUR COMMITMENT is to provide the highest quality eco-conscious pest control solutions that protect the ones you love and the planet we all share.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT By choosing Bee Friendly Pest Control, you’re joining a community dedicated to reducing the use of harmful chemicals, safeguarding our children’s health, and preserving the vital role of pollinators in our ecosystem. Together, let’s BEE the change and embrace a pesticide-free future!

Bee Friendly Pest Control

Children’s exposure to 
pesticides should be limited 
as much as possible.”

– The American Academy of Pediatrics

Children are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of pesticides, making it crucial to limit their exposure as much as possible. According to a 2012 study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, children exposed to pesticides have an increased risk of developing neurological, respiratory, and behavioral issues. The study also found that children who live near agricultural areas are at an even higher risk, with a 70% greater chance of developing childhood leukemia and brain tumors.

A 2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey discovered that 90% of children had traces of pesticide residue in their urine. These alarming statistics emphasize the importance of reducing children’s exposure to pesticides, both in their immediate environment and through the food they consume. By choosing organic and pesticide-free products, we can protect our children’s health and provide them with a safer, cleaner future.

Synthetic Pesticide exposure threatening global food security.”

– Nature Communications

It is well known our pollinators are in danger. The increased use of toxic synthetic pesticides, like neonicotinoid “neonic” pesticides have had the most direct impact. US Beekeepers reported losing over 40% of their honeybee colonies between April 2017 and April 2018, with backyard beekeepers losing almost half their colonies.

The pest control industry is to blame for this by luring people into applying poisons on to their personal property by labeling them SAFE. They are not. There’s a Better Way a Bee Friendly Way.

Enjoy your backyard again using organic rosemary and thyme instead of pesticides deemed highly toxic to bees. Our proprietary blend of US sourced food-grade essential oils; Thyme, Garlic, Rosemary, Peppermint and Clove combined with other natural ingredients like salt and vinegar are safe for your children and pets. Start enjoying your backyard right away without fear.

Overview of

Our effective, worry-free, all natural treatments. The results are immediate and completely safe, so you can enjoy your yard right away!

  • Mosquito, Flea, Tick & General Pest Control

Ready to harness the power of Food Grade Essential Oils and enjoy your yard?

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Our Satisfied Customers

James was very professional and answered all our questions. He was on time and responded to our needs very fast. I will definitely use them again.

Todd Hughs

We noticed a tremendous difference almost right away. Our yard is usable again and the mosquitoes are drastically reduced!

Chris Markulic

I have honeybee hives and their pest control isn’t harmful, smells wonderful and is very effective. I have used Bee Friendly most of the summer and glad I did. I highly recommend their service.

Crystal Swanson

They came out the night I called, were professional and neat. They took down an active bald faced hornet nest. I would use them again, but I am confident they got rid of the wasps and they won’t be back!

May Dipalma

U.S. Mosquitos
Flea & Tick
Borne Disease
Cases Have

According to the CDC, “illnesses from mosquitos, tick, and flea bites have tripled in the U.S., with more than 640,000 cases reported during the 13 years from 2004 through 2016. Nine new germs spread by mosquitos and ticks were discovered or introduced into the United States during this time.”




A Proprietary blend of food-grade essential oils; Thyme, Garlic, Rosemary, Peppermint, Cinnamon and Clove combined with natural ingredients like salt and vinegar.


Our Exclusive product contains multiple food-grade essential oils. These high concentrated ingredients are combined using the power of Nanotechnology where the essential oils are broken down to the nano-sized particle level (extremely small), to create a synergistic blend of MAXIMUM STRENGTH essential oils engineered to specifically target and eliminate pests without harming benefical insects. Organic garden safe, independently tested honey bee safe and ONLY available at Bee Friendly Pest Control. Join the Movement and BEE Pesticide Free!


Mosquito-Flea-Tick is our whole property yard treatment providing immediate outside enjoyment without pests or pesticides.

Home Perimeter Air & Ground Defense is our barrier treatment providing protection from common pests like spiders, ants, silverfish, centipedes, carpenter bees, wasps, and yellow jackets. Deter them from making your home their home.



March – October


We treat twice (2x) a month during the season.  


You do not, as long as your applicator can access your yard and all pets are inside, there’s no need to be home.


When you don’t spray toxic pesticides you don’t have to wait for your yard to be safe. You can enjoy it immediately!


Yes, of course, we will. UNLIKE the other guys using synthetic pesticides highly toxic to fish, our product is SAFE for aquatics.


We do not treat during heavy rain. Light rain is ok and will not impact the effectiveness of your treatment. If you are scheduled for a treatment and there’s bad weather forecasted, don’t worry we will buzz you with your new treatment date as soon as the weather clears.


No, we do not treat inside the home. However, our Home Perimeter Ground & Air Defense treatment is designed to deter pests from making your home their home.


Yes, our treatments have been effective against spotted lanternfly. We also offer tree banding for maximum protection. Early detection and intervention are key. Give us a buzz for assistance battling these invaders. 

Areas We

Burlington County

  • Cinnaminson
  • Evesham
  • Fostertown
  • Hainesport
  • Lumberton
  • Maple Shade
  • Marlton
  • Medford
  • Medford Lakes
  • Moorestown
  • Mount Laurel
  • Palmyra
  • Willingboro

Chester County

  • Berwyn
  • Chesterbook
  • Devault
  • Devon
  • Frazer
  • Malvern
  • Paoli
  • Stafford
  • Tredyffrin Township

Camden County

Delaware County

  • Aston
  • Brookhaven
  • Broomall
  • Concord Township
  • Chester Heights
  • Drexel Hill
  • Glenn Mills
  • Haverford
  • Media
  • Morton
  • Newtown Square
  • Radnor
  • Rose Valley
  • Springfield Township
  • Swarthmore
  • Villanova
  • Wayne

Gloucester County

Philadelphia County

  • Chestnut Hill
  • Fox Chase
  • Germantown
  • Manayunk
  • Roxborough

Montgomery County

  • Abington
  • Ardmore
  • Bala Cynwyd
  • Bryn Mawr
  • Conshohocken
  • Rosemont
  • Gladwyne
  • Glenside
  • Jenkintown
  • King of Prussia
  • Wyncote
  • Rockledge
If your town is not on the list, give us a Buzz. We are growing rapidly into new areas


Calling professionals for pest control services is a good idea if you want to achieve effective and reliable results. When you hire a reputable pest control company like ours, you benefit from their extensive knowledge and expertise in handling various pest control treatments. Professionals have a deep understanding of the behaviors and habits of common pests like bed bugs, termites, and carpenter ants, making them equipped to tackle even severe infestations.

Professional pest control plans are tailored to the specific pest problem you’re facing, ensuring a comprehensive approach that excludes carpenter ants and other pests. As a result, turning to expert pest control services guarantees exceptional service and pest-free living spaces!


Calling professionals for pest control services also leads to faster and more efficient results. Unlike the trial-and-error process of DIY pest control, pest control companies like ours send skilled technicians who can identify the root causes of pest infestations during the initial visit. 

They take advantage of proven methods and treatments to rid your property of pests — preventing them from returning in the future. With bi-monthly and year-round pest control service, they create a barrier against insects and rodents, ensuring a continuous, year-round defense against pest issues. This speed and consistency are vital for keeping your home or business safe from common pests.


One of the biggest advantages of calling professionals like us for pest control services is the wealth of experience they bring with them. Expert technicians have encountered and successfully managed various pest problems over the years, from invasive species like spotted lanternflies to pharaoh ants. 

Their knowledge extends beyond just eliminating pests — it includes preventing pests from returning by addressing the conditions that attract them. By relying on their expertise, you benefit from not only a pest-free environment but also valuable insights into maintaining a pest-free property.


Ensuring your safety is of utmost importance when dealing with pest infestations, which is why calling professionals for pest control services is in your best interests. Pest control companies like ours prioritize the safety of your family, pets, and property by using environmentally friendly and family-safe treatment methods — minimizing the use of harmful chemicals.

This approach eliminates pests while reducing the risk of exposure to potentially harmful substances. Moreover, trained technicians take necessary precautions when applying treatments in your home, guaranteeing that your well-being remains their top priority.


Many homeowners worry about pest control costs, but calling professionals can actually help them save money in the long run. While DIY pest control might seem cost-effective initially, it often leads to additional costs when the problem persists or worsens. In contrast, professional pest control services like ours offer transparent pricing and total cost estimates upfront.

They also provide warranties for their work, assuring customers that they’ll return if the pests come back. Ultimately, the expertise, efficiency, and quality service offered by professionals not only resolve pest problems effectively but also help you maintain a pest-free property without breaking the bank.

Why Call Professionals for Pest Control?

Schedule Our Pest Control Services Today!

When you experience a pest infestation in your home, you’ll know who to call to resolve it swiftly and safely! If you have any questions about Bee Friendly and why we offer the best pest control services around, don’t hesitate to give us a call — we’ll be happy to answer any inquiries you have!