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Searching for an easy and reliable way to control mosquitoes and other pests on your property? Then consider installing an insect misting system! At Bee Friendly Pest Control, we’re dedicated to providing homeowners and businesses alike with an effective and eco-friendly method of deterring and eliminating unwanted insects. After the installation of a mosquito mister, you can have peace of mind knowing that the pests on your property will be under control — without having to lift a finger!



Insect misting systems — often referred to as mosquito misting systems — are highly effective at controlling mosquitoes and other flying insects. These systems work by releasing a fine mist of insecticide into the outdoor spaces, targeting areas where these pests are most active. The mosquito misting system is designed to provide direct contact with mosquitoes, instantly killing them upon contact. This method is particularly efficient in reducing mosquito populations and minimizing the annoyance caused by these biting insects.


Additionally, insect misting systems are remarkably convenient. They can be programmed to run at specific times, ensuring that your outdoor spaces are consistently protected from pests like mosquitoes. These mosquito misters can be set on a timer or controlled remotely, allowing property owners to tailor the schedule to their preferences. This level of control and automation simplifies the process of controlling mosquitoes and other annoying insects, making them a hassle-free option for pest management.

Low Maintenance

Compared to alternative pest control methods, insect misting systems are incredibly low maintenance. They require minimal upkeep, typically needing refills of insecticide and occasional maintenance checks. These systems are known for their reliability and are often equipped with features like battery backup to ensure they continue to function — even during power outages. This low-maintenance aspect makes mosquito misting systems a cost-effective and time-saving solution for property owners looking to eliminate mosquitoes and other flying insects.


One of the biggest advantages of insect misting systems is their safety for beneficial insects, bees, pets, and the environment. The insecticide used in mosquito misting is carefully selected to target only specific pests while sparing other non-harmful insects. This ensures that pollinators like bees remain unharmed while also reducing the environmental impact. Moreover, most misting systems are equipped with safety features and can be configured to avoid spraying when pets or people are present. With proper use, these systems are a responsible choice for mosquito control that maintains a safe environment.

What Insects Can a Misting System Eliminate?

Insect misting systems are highly versatile and can target a variety of pests. While they are most commonly associated with mosquito control, these systems are effective at targeting a wide range of flying insects, including gnats and flies. They can significantly reduce the mosquito population, especially in areas with high infestations, making them a fantastic solution for managing various outdoor pests around swimming pools, gardens, and patios.

Where on Your Property Should an Insect Misting System Be Installed?

To determine the best locations on their properties for insect misting systems, you should identify areas with the highest pest activity. Ideal spots include those near mosquito breeding sites, such as stagnant water and outdoor seating and recreation areas. It’s also important to place the misting system where it can cover a broad area effectively, ensuring more comprehensive pest control. By strategically positioning their mosquito misting system, property owners can maximize its efficiency and enjoy pest-free outdoor spaces.

We Install Insect Misting Systems in the Following Locations

  • Philadelphia Suburbs
  • Camden County
  • Gloucester County
  • Burlington County
  • Collingswood
  • Voorhees
  • Deptford
  • Mount Laurel
  • Burlington
  • Cherry Hill
  • Haddonfield
  • Medford

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