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We kill mosquitos, ticks and other pests without
harming bees or your family!

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At Bee Friendly of Lawnside, we prioritize your family’s health and safety above all else when it comes to eliminating mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other pests from your outdoor space. We understand the concern surrounding chemical treatments and their potential impacts on children, pets, and gardens, which is why we provide effective solutions that do not involve synthetic pesticides.

  • SAFE for you, your children and your pets, right after treatment!
  • SAFE to use around pools or ponds
  • SAFE for edible crops and even backyard homestead animals

Mosquitos Bad-Bees Good!

We Eradicate
All of These






Stinging Insects


But Not Bees!

Our treatments really don’t kill bees!

Download the results of the scientific studies of both residual effects and direct spray against honey bees.

Residual Report
Direct Report

Our treatments really don’t kill bees!

Download the results of the scientific studies of both residual effects and direct spray against honey bees.

Residual Report
Direct Report

Our Outdoor
Pest Control Services
Serving Lawnside

Residential Mosquito Control

Picture a backyard free from mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and more. Bee Friendly turns this into reality! Our all-natural treatments evict pests, protecting your loved ones and environment. Enjoy a worry-free, pesticide-free oasis. This is pest control that honors your home.

Special Events

Planning a grand bash? Keep uninvited mosquitoes at bay with Bee Friendly Pest Control’s two application magic spray, a blend of premium food-grade essential oils. We shield your party from pests, eliminating harsh chemicals. Enjoy our simple application process and savor your celebration, worry-free!

Commercial Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes plaguing your business? Bee Friendly Pest Control has an all-natural solution. Our pesticide-free methods ensure bug-free spaces, boosting customer comfort and revenue. We embody safety, efficiency, and eco-friendliness, redefining pest control while championing your business and the environment.

See What All the BUZZ is About!
Bee Friendly Pest Control vehicle

James was very professional and answered all our questions. He was on time and responded to our needs very fast. I will definitely use them again.

Todd Hughs

We noticed a tremendous difference almost right away. Our yard is usable again and the mosquitoes are drastically reduced!

Chris Markulic

I have honeybee hives and their pest control isn’t harmful, smells wonderful and is very effective. I have used Bee Friendly most of the summer and glad I did. I highly recommend their service.

Crystal Swanson

They came out the night I called, were professional and neat. They took down an active bald faced hornet nest. I would use them again, but I am confident they got rid of the wasps and they won’t be back!

May Dipalma

We Use Only the Highest Quality All Natural, Organic Food-Safe Essential Oils

Why Should You Choose Natural Pest Control in Lawnside, NJ?

Choosing an all-natural treatment for pest control instead of artificial pesticides provides many benefits, including the following:

Less Strain on the Environment and Pollinators

Synthetic pesticides are highly damaging to the environment and can kill beneficial insects like bees and other pollinators. Even if you purchase “targeted” pesticides, they still harm the surrounding flora and fauna, including insects and animals. The chemicals soak into the soil, creating toxic runoff and polluting waterways. All-natural treatments are more sustainable and have a much lighter impact on the planet and its wildlife.

Organic Treatments Are Safe for Children and Pets

Manufactured pesticides contain dangerous chemicals that can cause illness, injury, or even death to children, pets, and wildlife. However, with organic pest control from Bee Friendly, you can rest easy knowing your yard will be healthy, pest-free, and safe for your family, children, and pets.

Our formulas are organic and contain non-hazardous ingredients. We use nature’s most potent essential oils, like peppermint, thyme, rosemary, garlic, cinnamon, and clove, to repel unwanted insects without disrupting the natural order.

All-natural Treatments Provide Long-Term Results

Another problem with using synthetic chemicals for pest control is their lack of long-term effectiveness. After some time, insects develop a resistance to these products and then pass those genes on to their young. By using natural ingredients, insects are less likely to develop this resistance, making them more effective in the long term.

1 percent for planet
A portion of every service goes to protecting honey bees
#kill mosquitos not bees

Areas We Serve

Atlantic County

  • Egg Harbor Township

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